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6 Reasons To Choose European Tilt and Turn Windows

The first tilt and turn hardware for windows was designed in Germany in the 1950s. Manufacturers gradually moved from using two single-glazed windows, installed one in front of the other and opening separately, to one window with double glazing to keep the cold at bay.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Energy Efficiency

Who wouldn’t like a lower energy bill? And while you are saving money, why not lessen your environmental footprint? The majority of Tilt & Turn style windows and doors utilize materials and production methods that regulate indoor temperature, improving energy efficiency and minimizing the damaging environmental effects that contribute  to climate change ; due to an ability to regulate indoor temperature, these clever windows and doors contribute to lower heating and cooling costs, with energy savings upwards of 60 % for an average home.


Temperature Control

Opening windows on a hot summer day instead of cranking the AC is a gallant gesture but not necessary an efficient one this creates air flow but not air exchange. Alternatively, turning up the heat on a chilly Northern American fall or winter day won’t solve your temperature woes; this will only contribute to ever increasing heating costs and environmental damage. Tilt & Turn windows and doors contain a thick, durable air chamber built into the frame. This feature prevents cold air from being transferred to the middle air chamber, and inhibits warm air from escaping the resulting ‘air lock’ keeps your home comfortably cool in the summer, and cozy and warm in the winter.


Sound Reduction

Noise pollution can be a serious problem, especially in urban areas with heavy traffic. Even in quieter residential areas, you and your family could easily be awoken by a sound in the night, such as the neighbor’s dog barking or a baby crying. Tilt & Turn style windows and doors provide substantial noise reduction, and leas to less noise in rooms where they are installed; the rubber seal and multi point locking mechanism creates an airtight seal which improves insulation and limits noise impact, providing you and your family with some much needed peace and quiet.


Easy to clean 

It is rare when a window can make cleaning easier. But with the window placed in the turn position, you can safely clean the exterior of your windows while you stay inside your home. That means no ladder or extra effort. A seasonal chore easily becomes normal maintenance with a simple turn of a handle.


More secure

For a Tilt & Turn window to function it requires internal hardware with multiple locking points. Additionally, the in-swing hinges further secure the window from being forced/pulled open from the exterior. The tilt position also aids in security while still enabling ventilation. The inward tilt still allows the window to remain open with little ability to maneuver the window fully-open by unwanted “guests”.


Better Air-Seals

The performance of a tilt and turn window is one of the less obvious ways this windows is superior to its competition. Better air seals yield a tighter seal, creating an air-tight window. Traditionally, sliding, single hung, and double hung windows are much more prone to air and water leakage due to their lack of air seals and poor quality. However, GSW Tilt & Turn windows boast 2-4 air seals per window creating a truly air-tight high-performance product.

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